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QSculpting PRO technology utilizes magnetic field energy to induce apx 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions per session, targeting hard-to-tone areas. These deep, intense muscle contractions are impossible to achieve voluntarily at the gym!

Once exposed to supramaximal contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to such extreme conditions. It reacts with a deep remodelling of its inner structure that results in muscle building and fat burning.

The result is strengthened and defined muscles, disrupted fat cells and long-lasting results

What To Expect (Video Highlights)

Do you live a healthy lifestyle, and just want some help to sculpt your abdomen area or give your butt a lift?

Well you’ve just discovered the treatment that could have you feeling more confident than ever! QSculpting PRO is the only treatment to build muscle and permanently get rid of fat. It’s also a non-invasive buttock lifting procedure.

After a single visit ,  clients notice the area looking better a day or two later.

Not only does QSculpting PRO tone and define your abs, a lot of clients feel that their whole core is stronger after having a treatment, and they’re able to reach the next level of fitness.

Does Body Sculpting Hurt?

No! Body contouring is a non-invasive treatment. That means the procedure doesn’t require any needles or knives.

You may experience some redness and tenderness post-treatment. Otherwise, these procedures are relatively pain-free.

How Long Does It Take to Recover?

What’s the best reason to choose non-surgical body sculpting over more invasive weight loss methods? The recovery time for non-surgical procedures is virtually non-existent.

We should really say the lack of recovery time because body contouring procedures have no downtime. You can return to work the next day if you want.

Does Body Sculpting Work?

Body sculpting permanently destroys fat cells in targeted areas of your body. If you’re looking for a way to shed a few extra pounds, non-surgical procedures are more convenient, safe, and effective than alternatives.

For the best results, Qsculpting Pro is suitable for people who are in or close to their ideal BMI range. It’s most effective for removing unwanted stubborn areas of fat like the two to three centimetres of unwanted fat on your abdomen or butt. Best results are seen from people who are already physically fit and eat a healthy diet.”

During each 30 minute session, you receive up to 20,000 supra-maximal muscle contractions, which is the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes (which of course is humanly impossible).

The difference between a regular ab crunch and a supra-maximal contraction? The QSculpting Pro variety is far more intense.


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QSculpting PRO is a sophisticated piece of machinery that can help to contour your body and get you into your desired shape. It’s not a weight loss procedure, but it can help to remove stubborn pockets of fat and tone your muscles. It’s a revolutionary device that might change the future of body sculpting. The process is painless aside from the contraction of your muscles which may create a dull throb. Painlessness is an appealing benefit of this procedure.

QSculpting PRO is completely noninvasive, unlike many other slimming procedures. You sit back and relax while the QSculpting PRO machine targets and contracts the muscles in your “problem areas” around your thighs, butt, and abs. This has a similar effect to a good workout but without the actual work. The process is carried out over 2 weeks with 4-8 treatment sessions total, though there is some wiggle room depending on the needs of the patient.

Every person’s body is different and may experience different results from Body Sculpt treatment. That being said, patients should experience an increase in muscle tone and an overall reduction in body fat. The fat loss should be permanent but the muscle tone will deplete over time without regular maintenance through further treatments or regular exercise. Over 90% of patients in clinical trials report satisfaction with their procedure.

The cost of QSculpting PRO is going to vary depending on the needs and desires of the patient. If the patient wants to work on multiple body parts, the price will be higher than the procedure being done on only one body part.

Again, Body Sculpting isn’t a weightloss procedure. Those who are looking to lose large amounts of weight may not be satisfied with Body Sculpt. It’s not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Like many procedures, Body Sculpting is perfect for people who live otherwise healthy and active lifestyles but still have problem areas that they can’t manage on their own. If that sounds like you, you’re the perfect candidate.

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Words from our Customers

“When the 30 minutes ended, I got dressed and went back to work. No soreness, no redness, no nada—just three more visits spread out over the next week and a half.”

Clarissa Lee , Singapore QSculpting Client

“at first it was quite ticklish but after awhile you'll get used to it and it can be rather addictive and rewarding at the same time.”

Andy Lee Wei Ming , Bukit Panjang Singapore